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Ethanol has a positive impact on America’s agricultural communities and the pocketbooks of farmers. Ethanol production is revitalizing the heartland, creating jobs that can never be outsourced overseas, and giving agriculture a powerful voice in the debate on our nation’s energy future. What’s more, the production of biofuels uses excess grain, which keeps prices above the cost of production. When ethanol succeeds, farming communities win. But we need your voice to keep growing and make ourselves heard, now more than ever.

American agriculture needs ethanol. And ethanol needs you.

Today, our country produces more ethanol than the gasoline we import from Saudi Arabia. Just imagine the role that farming can play in helping America become more energy independent – by increasing our reliance on homegrown energy instead of depending on more foreign oil. When you join Growth Force, you’ll help us plant the seeds for a more promising tomorrow for our families, create jobs that strengthen communities and enhance the energy security of our nation.

The energy and leadership to win.

Smart leaders get things done. That’s why Growth Energy enlisted the talents of Tom Buis as our CEO. Mr. Buis is a past president of the National Farmers Union. As a longtime grain and livestock farmer in Indiana, Mr. Buis has a deep understanding of the issues facing agriculture.

Growth Energy’s national co-chairman is retired four-star General Wesley Clark, one of the most highly decorated U.S. Army commanders. General Clark has first-hand knowledge of the importance of ethanol for our national security. He is raising awareness and providing a strong voice for America’s homegrown energy.

Tom Buis

“I’ve worked for years to help American farmers have a voice in the issues that matter. I joined Growth Energy because ethanol holds the greatest opportunity for agriculture. I need your help to defend the future of farming and our way of life.”

- Tom Buis, Growth Energy CEO

Wesley Clark

“There are powerful groups working against the potential of agriculture and what it means for greater energy independence. We must join forces and take a stand now. Agriculture – and our national security – are at risk.”

- Ret. General Wesley Clark, Growth Energy Co-Chairman

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Why Growth Force?
Ethanol has a positive impact on America’s agricultural communities ... >> READ MORE

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