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Want to find out more about ethanol and how it benefits America? Visit the sites below to learn more about our country’s homegrown fuel and Growth Energy’s efforts. From policy making to consumer and industry messaging, we’re actively making a case for energy security, the environment, American jobs and agriculture.
The primary website for Growth Energy, complete with in-depth information on reports and policy briefs, lobbying efforts and comprehensive ethanol facts.
An interactive site for consumers and general audiences explaining the basic facts and benefits of America’s homegrown fuel, ethanol.
Currently, there is no country of origin labeling on gasoline. This site promotes Americans’ right to know where their fuel comes from and where their money is going.
Information for gasoline retailers, ethanol suppliers and consumers on E85 fuel (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) for flex fuel vehicles.

Why Growth Force?
Why Growth Force?
Ethanol has a positive impact on America’s agricultural communities ... >> READ MORE

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Learn More
Want to find out more about ethanol and how it benefits America? ... >> READ MORE

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